Barriemore Guest House, Oban

Tips for the Traveller

Bedroom AFrom an experienced former hotelier

Food for Thought

Because their prices are realistic & sensible, guest houses like the Barriemore and Glenrigh offer far greater value for accommodation than most of the larger provincial hotels without compromising in quality of fabric, service & freedom of choice.

Nowadays guest houses (4* Visit Scotland grade) have overtaken & surpassed many of the expensive bigger hotels in all departments as well as location.

The inside and outside appearances are sharper and better tended and offer genuine friendliness & attention to detail, with freedom to come and go as you please. The bedrooms are almost certainly furnished to a higher individual standard and the high quality choice of breakfast beautifully presented is above expectations.

Guest houses generally do not offer dinner, but this is no longer a problem. There are many high quality eating places and award winning restaurants in the area. Get out and about and enjoy a nightly epicurean experience at a different location, the saving in your accommodation will probably pay for the meal.


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